In this position, Mark was frequently asked to lead and contribute to Diageo-wide initiatives. He helped deliver measurable and lasting results throughout many levels of the corporation, while also overseeing the supply chain for the entire Burger King organization. 


KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS AT BURGER KING [Former owner of Tricon, the world’s most extensive restaurant system]

> Led the Supplier Development Process

  • Succeeded at creating a shared vision between the senior management team, more than 500 suppliers, and over 1500 franchisees for Burger King’s supply chain.
  • Rallied this diverse group around system-wide objectives, and helped successfully deliver the promised results.

> Was Recruited to Corporate Leadership Roles—and Identified Millions of Dollars in Cost Savings

  • Was personally chosen to: 1) Improve the cohesiveness of supply and quality assurance;  2) Streamline distribution; and  3) Evaluate/restructure business systems. Ultimately helped identify half a billion dollars and over 15 million franchise-manager hours to eliminate.
  • Was selected by Diageo’s chairman to leverage opportunities between the four company brands. Identified over $200 million in potential synergy over the first 3 years alone.
  • Was named to the North American Management Committee, an influential group of key executives.

> Streamlined the Product-Launch Process

  • Helped develop an efficient means of launching new products, integrating them into the supply chain, and fostering continuous improvement.