Having long recognized the positive impact business savvy could have on societal issues, Mark took a hiatus from the corporate world in 2001 and spent three years founding and managing a faith-based non-profit called The Achates Foundation. The organization was created to build life and work skills in individuals recovering from addiction and mental illness. 


KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS AT THE ACHATES FOUNDATION [Faith-based non-profit serving people in recovery]

> Built the organization from the ground up; served more than 2,500 people

  • Developed the business plan/framework for the overall operations
  • Purchased, operated and managed four transitional-living homes, which housed over 500 men, women and children
  • Established a counseling and rehabilitation program, which served over 2,500 individuals

> Raised more than $150,000 in donations and developed corporate partners

  • Developed strategic alliances in both the private and public sectors with over 20 companies that began providing products and services to individuals in our program
  • Raised over $150,000 in a 3-year period
  • Partnered with the local community/government to ensure compliance and foster support

> Helped create positive change that rippled out into the community 

  • Maintained a 20% recidivism rate compared to the industry average of 60-70%
  • Started and operated 10 for-profit businesses, employing over 125 clients/alumni
  • Provided free labor and services to other non-profit organizations